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Eye Makeup


Watch this common mistakes that we do when applying our mascara and let’s avoid it. This is a must watch! 6 COMMON MASCARA MISTAKES – And How To Avoid Them

EASY Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | NO FALSE LASHES + Q&A

Want to have that beautiful smokey eyes everyday? Its possible and its actually easy! Watch this tutorial and be amazed. EASY Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | NO FALSE LASHES + Q&A

Easy Ways to Use Liquid Liner

Are you fond of using liquid eye liner? Then this video is for you!   Easy Ways to Use Liquid Liner

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Nail Art

DIY – How to Make Ombre Nail Art

Happy 2017! It may be the start of a new year, but Ombre Nails are STILL IN! No need to spend a lot on glamorous nails – you can do it at home! Watch this video on how you can achieve ombre nails. DIY – How to Make Ombre Nail Art

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For the Lips

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a PRO!

Tired of erasing wrong application of your liquid lipstick? Here’s the solution to your problem! Watch this video.   How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a PRO!

Hot Sexy Red Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial

Loving those hot sexy red glittery lips but you don’t know how to achieve it? Here’s how! Watch this simple tutorial.   Hot Sexy Red Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial

How To Make Your Lips BIGGER In 3 Minutes!

Want to have bigger lips in 3 minutes? Sounds magical but its not! Its really possible. Watch this video.   How To Make Your Lips BIGGER In 3 Minutes!

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Hairstyles and Hair Care

Take Care Of Your Hair With These Great Tips

When you take care of your hair correctly you will have a different life. Great hair is wildly attractive to all. Great hair can even garner you the attention you need from important individuals such as prospective employers looking for well-groomed employees. Apply the tips provided below for caring for your hair in the future. […]

Proven Ways That You Can Have Better Hair

How often do you look at other people’s hair and wish you could achieve their success? People with perfect hair are not simply lucky; they use advice, like what you are about to read. In the following article, you can learn how people get the hair you envy. Don’t think that the myth that trimming […]

Tips To Get A Healthy Head Of Hair

Does your hair look a bit drab and dull? Would you like to do something about that? Well, there is definitely something you can do to bring some life and excitement back into your hair. Read the following article for some helpful advice that can help your hair. Healthy hair is the result of a […]

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How to / Tutorials

A Smile Is The Best Beauty Product Available

You can spend a lot of time trying to look good, or just follow these tips. There are many ways to improve your look, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. This article will help you take advantage of what beauty professionals already know. Protect yourself from harmful rays by wearing […]

Beauty Advice Straight From The Experts At Looking Good

Beauty can mean different things to different people. You should not forget about the outside even though the inside is what is supposed to count more. Use these suggestions to treat yourself to the best beauty routine for you. Allow your hair to air dry as frequently as you can in order to protect it […]

Putting The Right Face Forward: Beauty Tips

It is important for women to be beautiful these days. A beautiful woman will find that people are more likely to listen to what she has to say and help her out. The truth about beauty, however, is that it is easier to attain than most know. Read this article to figure it out. Apply […]

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Product Reviews

The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life–At Any Age

Listed Price: $19.95 Sale Price: $15.64 Japanese women are renowned for their beautiful skin, but until now there has been no book in English that reveals the secrets of the typical Japanese beauty routine. The Japanese Skincare Revolution … Read more…

[TONYMOLY] I’m Real Mask Sheet Pack of 11

Sale Price: $11.00 TONYMOLY’s I’m Real Avocado Mask Sheet is an individually wrapped sheet mask that is formulated with avocado extract to deliver needed nutrients deep within the skin in as little as 20 minutes. Subt… Read more…

Doc’s Skin Care Saddle Sore Ointment One Color, 1oz Tube

Sale Price: $15.95 Soothes, heals, and speeds recovery of saddle sores and chafing Formulated with over 95% all-natural ingredients… Read more…

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Skin Care

Pimples can cause low self esteem and in some cases, depression. Don’t allow acne to have control of your life any longer. If you want to have beautiful looking skin that is pimples free, use the tips in this article. When you have a skin care regimen, you could end up with a complexion you […]

If you suffer from chronic pimples, you know what it can do to your self-confidence. Use the tips in this article to boost your confidence, by learning to manage your pimples and improve your skin. Tea Tree Oil To achieve acne free skin, include tea tree oil in your skin care regimen. Tea tree oil […]

It is an inevitable dread when you find out that you are one of the people prone to acne. If you know how to properly care for your skin, you can deal with pimples much easier. This article is filled with tips to assist you in your battle against pimples. Popping your pimples will only […]

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Get That Body Into Shape With Healthy Fitness Tips

There are a variety of benefits that accrue from sticking with a fitness program. It not only makes you healthier and stronger, it can make you look better, as well. However, many people don’t know what steps to take to start a fitness program. The tips provided here will aid you in getting started on […]

Sound Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your Fitness

Fitness is not a goal for the future. Do not think of fitness as something you will do one of these days. Fortunately, getting fit need not involve throwing your whole life into a state of chaos. With a few easy strategies from the article below, you can make your fitness goals a reality. Pay […]

Tips, Tricks, And Advice For Personal Fitness

Staying in good shape is very important for every single individual. It’s such a broad topic that there’s a lot to learn about it, and sometimes, it’s tough to know where to start. The following article will give you some great ideas to help you on your road to a more fit life. If you […]

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